YouTuber slaughtered colleagues to cross over into cartoon world he imagined

A YouTuber who became obsessed with the Columbine shooting and believed he was going to become a cartoon character in the afterlife went on a mass killing spree at a supermarket.

Randy Stair, known more commonly by his online pseudonym Andrew Blaze, shot three of his co-workers on his night shift at Weis Markets on June 7th, 2017.

Terry Sterling, 63, Victoria Brong, 26, and Brian Hayes, 47, were all tragically killed by shotgun wounds.

The troubled 25-year-old had made sure to block all of the store's emergency exits, which included locking the automatic doors at the entrance.

CCTV footage shows Stair approaching a fourth employee, Kristan Newell, who was oblivious of the horror unfolding due to having music blasting through her headphones.

Stair remained watching her back for five seconds before Newell, still unaware of the situation, walked round to the next aisle.

She became aware of the attack when Stair began shooting at store merchandise and managed to get to the staff room to contact the police.

During this time, Stair had made his way to the deli aisle where he turned the shotgun on himself.

In the years leading up to the massacre, Stair had become fixated by a Nickelodeon cartoon character called Ember – who he would regularly post videos about, calling her his 'queen'.

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In the sinister uploads, he would speak about joining her in the afterlife and even discuss how he'd become a cartoon character once he passed to the other side.

Tens of YouTube videos on his channel, now deleted, also showed him discussing his infatuation with death and ways in which he would commit suicide.

He also revealed that he would love to embark on a mass shooting at his school, but it had been knocked down a few years prior.

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Stair was found to have uploaded an animation video titled “The Westborough High School Massacre," which depicted a school shooting similar to that of Columbine.

Journal entries from troubled Stair showed further admiration for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two shooters of Columbine.

The first line of Stair's journal entry pays homage to Harris with the quote, “I hate the f*****g world," a line that Eric Harris infamously wrote before carrying out the massacre.

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Stair used the same type of shotgun used in the Columbine tragedy to kill three of his employees.

Ten 'close friends' of Stair's reportedly received an email in which he expressed his sorrow at not being able to 'live up to his own expectations' and that by the time they were reading 'this he would be dead'.

He also said how he was excited to join Ember in the afterlife.

Following the attack, one of Stair's online friends and YouTuber took to Twitter to share his shock: "In 2011, there was a fan of mine who later ended up being my friend.

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"He was brought into a close group of mine through Xbox Live.

"I could tell he just really wanted some friends to play with.

"Once I moved, we became a little bit more disconnected.

"Last night he wrote me a long suicide note and today, I found out he went and shot up a grocery store, killing three of his fellow employees before turning the gun on himself.

"The clues were already over the internet but I didn't think he would go to these great lengths.

"Mental health is a serious issue.

"Please, if you know anyone who is suffering, or if you are yourself, please get help.

"Please don't hurt yourself or others. It's sickening and sad at the same time."

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email, visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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