Woman’s hand ‘turned black’ after body mod surgery from man she saw ‘as a god’

A woman died after undergoing a number of illegal body modifications from a self-styled expert she saw as a “god,” a court has heard.

The woman, whose name has not been released by police, was operated on by Brendan Leigh Russell on at least nine occasions, including on on occasion having heart shaped scarred around her nipples.

The final procedure, in March 2017, reportedly involved having a plastic snowflake implanted under the skin in her hand.

The wound became infected and she died of septicaemia within days of the operation.

Russell, 40, has pleaded not guilty to the woman’s manslaughter in a court in New South Wales, Australia, reports 7 News.

The dead woman’s mother told the Downing Centre District Court earlier today that her pleas for the victim to be careful had fallen on deaf ears.

It was some months later that she discovered that Russell, known to body modification enthusiasts as Bslice Dot Com, had operated on her daughter’s nipples, according to the Australian Associated Press.

After the victim’s mum saw the state of the snowflake wound, her daughter said: "It’s OK mum I’m seeing Brendan tomorrow he’s going to clean it up for me."

The following day, the court heard, the woman visited Russell twice, complaining that the wound was bleeding so heavily she had “never seen so much blood”.

But, it was later revealed, Russell put a second implant into the victim’s already-infected hand when he saw her.

When she spoke to her mum that evening, she sounded “really strange” and the following day she was dead.

Her mum recalled how the next morning she received a call from the victim’s neighbour. The young woman had died in the night.

When she rushed to her daughter’s flat she saw that her left ear and lips were blue and “her whole hand looked black”, she said.

Acting as Russell’s defence, Michal Mantaj asked the woman if she blamed the accused man for her daughter’s death.

She replied: “Only after I got the cause of death as septicaemia did I initially think Brendan Russell, yes, was responsible for her death."

Russell also denies a charge of female genital mutilation and another for intentionally causing grievous bodily harm by giving another woman a “tummy tuck” that caused muscle damage.

The trial continues.

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