Woman woke up choking before massive flat explosion blasted her out the window

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A woman has spoken of the horror moment she woke up choking, just minutes before her home was destroyed in a massive explosion.

Paige Hope lost everything when her flat was engulfed in flames due to an unattended chip pan, with the 29-year-old having accidentally fallen asleep due to new medication.

She woke up to find her home filled with billowing black smoke and tried to jump from the window with her dog, Molly, but found the frame too hot to touch.

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Her home then exploded, throwing Hope forward where she landed on the ground outside and broke her leg in the process.

Paige has since spoken of the horror moment she woke up in her soon-to-be blown up flat, saying: "I went through domestic violence a few years ago and the medication sends me to sleep.

"I don’t know how I survived; I realised the flat was on fire when I woke up choking. Everything was black. I thought not to open the door because the fire would come in. The only way I could get out was jumping through the window.

"I was shouting 'Help, I’m trapped,' and went to jump out the window with my dog.

"I went to the frame and it was that hot I couldn’t even touch it."

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The horrified home owner said she is "feeling lost" after the fire in her home destroyed everything she owned after Hope was "thrown out the window and landed on both my feet."

She continued: "Twenty-nine years of my life has gone. I’m a very sentimental person, I hardly throw anything away so I’ve lost everything. There’s nothing.

"I’m grateful because I still have my life and my dog still has her life. I’m grateful for that no matter what. I’ve come out with a broken leg and a couple of scars – it’s minor."

Hope said she feels "stuck in a circle" with how to process the fire that neighbours believed had killed her dog, but thankfully firefighters rescued the pooch who was "a big ball of black."

She added: "At the moment I’m just stuck in a circle thinking, 'Where am I going from here?'. I only just got my life intact. I just got out of domestic violence for many years and my mental health improved.

"I proved everyone wrong who doubted me and showed them I could do it just for my medication to not wake me up."

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: "The fire involved a first floor flat, and firefighters used six breathing apparatus, two hose reels, a positive pressure ventilation fan, thermal imaging camera and short extension ladder to extinguish the fire.

"One casualty was taken to hospital by North West Ambulance Service. Fire crews were in attendance for over two hours."

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