Woman watches camera to see cat’s touching act while waiting her to return home

A woman regretted leaving her cat at home during holidays after watching the moggie's response from a pet camera.

Ms Yi, from Shanghai in China, left her cat Lil O to her cat sitter friend when she headed back to her family home for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

"He's got a habit of sitting on the sofa every day while waiting for me to come back home from work," she told local media.

"But he didn't know I left home for Lunar New Year, so I turned on the pet camera to check in on him and realised he had been waiting for me on the sofa."

Ms Yi tried to call Lil O's name through the speaker on the pet camera and what the feline did next has pulled her heartstrings.

In the video posted, she looks at Lil O, who is waiting for her on the sofa, and whispers: "Lil O!"

The smart feline quickly turns to the camera and jumps up to the table.

Ms Yi then turns the camera to the right and tilts it to an angle so that she could see her pet standing from the far end.

Lil O gives a curious look when he goes closer to the camera to check for the familiar sound.

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He sniffs the camera and tilts his head to a side, as if trying to figure out where Ms Yi is.

"I'm so surprised that he understands his name and when he jumps up and walks close to the camera, my heart melted," she said.

"He usually sleeps in the bedroom when I was at home. I haven't been back since Sunday (January 30) and he's been spending a lot of time on the sofa waiting for me."

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Some pet lovers were left getting teary after watching the pet camera clip.

"This made me cry! Lil O looks like a lovely cat," one said and another added: "My heart aches when I see cats like this. Please don't leave your pet alone when you're gone for a long holiday."

Others said the owner should have taken the cat with her as this could cause anxiety to the animal.

Ms Yi didn't explain why she left Lil O behind but she said: "I am coming back in a week and my friend is going to my place to feed and check up on Lil O when I'm not at home."

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