Woman publicly shamed after Broadway star called her out for ‘recording show’

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    A theatre-goer broke down in tears after she was called out by a Broadway actor for "recording the show".

    Samantha Coleman, who suffers hearing loss, shared her uncomfortable experience at Hadestown musical on Instagram.

    She was called out by lead actress Lilias White "not once, but twice" for recording the show when she was actually using a captioning device so that she'd be able to experience the show.

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    The young woman said in a tearful video: "I was sitting in the front row of Hadestown tonight but Lilias White, not once but twice at least, reprimanded me from the stage because she thought my captioning device was a recording device.

    "I'm sure she wasn't the only person on the stage that might have thought that. She was the only person however to call me out.

    "My hearing is such that I need captioning devices and to be ostracised and publicly ridiculed…really hurts.

    "It's super embarrassing. The people who need to use these devices should feel comfortable and confident and not be met with shame and embarrassment and anxiety."

    Samantha said the incident left her uncomfortable to use any captioning devices again but she hoped it can "prevent another horrifying and embarrassing experience for someone else".

    Many viewers showed support to her and urged the theatre community to prioritise disabled patrons, performers and crew.

    "They need to realise that not all disabilities are visible," one said. "This is just unacceptale, theatre is always preached as an inclusive and accepting space and provides very little accessibility."

    A second said: "That behaviour from the actor is so inappropriate. I'm so sorry this happened to you."

    A third added: "Please don't stop using captioning devices. You deserve to see the theatre and experience it fully."

    Producers for Hadestown and its theatre have apologised and mentioned in a statement: "The incident is a reminder that this is an ongoing process needing constant revisiting and renewal.

    "Providing access is also about educating everyone in the theatre about how we can be more supportive.

    "We are reviewing our policies and internal protocols to ensure this doesn't happen again."


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