Woman ‘cut off lover’s head and penis after killing him in drug-fuelled romp’

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A woman has pleaded not guilty to murdering her partner during a drug-fuelled sex session and chopping off his head and penis.

Police in Wisconsin, USA, received a call on February 23 saying the severed head of 25-year-old Shad Thyrion had been found in a bucket at the home he'd shared with his mother.

Officers attending the grisly scene also made further discoveries of a "male organ" having been dumped in the same bucket, an upper torso in a storage box and dried blood on a mattress.

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And this week Taylor D. Schabusiness, 24, was charged in court with his murder and mutilation, along with sexual assault for acts prosecutors said she'd committed on her victim after he'd died.

Driving to Schabusiness' address police also found her clothes to be covered in blood stains and "additional human body parts, including legs" hidden in her minivan.

When police asked the suspect, who's diagnosed with bipolar disorder, what happened, she replied, "That's a good question."

Having undergone mental health treatment for many years, she apparently went on to tell investigators about how she'd spent the day with her victim smoking meth before having sex, at which point she'd "blacked out" and gone "crazy."

According to police she claimed to have started strangling Thyrion, but insisted she didn't mean to kill him.

She then reportedly told officers that, even though he was beginning to cough up blood and turn purple, she carried on strangling him because she was "already this far."

Schabusiness was then said to ask detectives 'if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it'.

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Court records also stated that she used knives from the kitchen of the house to cut up Thyrion's body, with the bread knife working best because of its serrated edge.

It's claimed she also told police they were going to have fun finding all the dismembered organs, adding that she'd performed sexual acts with the dead body for "two or three hours" after he had died.

The prosecutor in the case described it as "one of the most serious offenses we've had in this county in some time."

A trial has been set for October 24 this year.


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