Will Donald Trump lead the Republican Party in 2021?

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US election officials ruled Joe Biden the victor of the 2020 presidential race following days of counting across the country. President Trump’s unsuccessful bid means he won’t stay in office past January 20, 2020, when President-Elect Biden has his inauguration. Mr Biden’s victory gives the Democrats an advantage in Washington, but each chamber in the country’s capitol building has a different leader.

Will Donald Trump lead the Republican Party in 2021?

During an election, parties choose a representative to run their bid for the White House.

These representatives then go on to shape theirs and the party’s priorities heading into a potential administration.

But, unlike other democracies around the world, they will only serve as a party representative when running for or in office.

As such, President Trump has represented Republican interests from the Oval Office since 2016 but will cease to do so in 2021.

The Republican machine will therefore cease to exist in the White House, receding to their Congressional and Senate positions.

Although they have a minority in the House of Representatives, just 18 seats separate Republicans and Democrats in the lower chamber.

Kevin McCarthy leads the party from Congress, where he promotes the GOP agenda.

The party has a similarly slim majority in the Senate, with 50 seats of the available 100.

Senator Mitch McConnell has led the party from there since 2015, providing a legislative buffer between the Democrats and Mr Trump.

Mr McCarthy and Mr McConnell will drive Republican Party legislation next year, while the Republican National Committee governs party-specific functions.

The RNC has a multi-levelled structure overseen by party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

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Ms McDaniel coordinates party strategy and has no hand in US legislation beyond planning the GOP agenda.

Although the Republican Party will no longer have Mr Trump as its representative, Mr Trump’s transformative first term will cast a looming shadow of influence.

The unrelenting march of “Trumpism” will continue forward, according to experts.

One former Republican said the President may even tighten his grip.

Speaking to the Guardian, Joe Walsh, a one-time representative for Illinois’s 8th congressional district said Republicans will continue being “beholden” to him.

He said: “No doubt his hold over the Republican party will be stronger next year than it is this year.

“Biden won but Trump won too because he gets to keep his lie that this election was stolen from him.

“As long as he gets to say that, all of his supporters will believe him and then the Republican party will be beholden to him.”

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