Wife of Russian oligarch claims Putin’s former son-in-law has ‘stolen’ her baby

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A London-based Russian socialite has claimed her estranged billionaire husband, who happens to be Putin's ex-son-in-law, has stolen her newborn daughter and is hiding her in Moscow.

Russian celebrity Zhanna Volkova, 44, is married to "Russia's youngest billionaire" Kirill Shamalov, 40, who was married to Vladimir Putin's youngest daughter Katerina Tikhonova.

Although Shamalov divorced Tikhonova in 2013, it is believed that the billionaire remains close to the Russian despot.

Volkova and Shamalov began trying for a baby soon after they married in 2018. The couple sought out a Russian-based surrogate after several rounds of failed IVF, and their daughter was born in October via surrogacy, reports Mail Online.

However, Volkova told the paper that when relationship broke down during the final stages of the pregnancy she headed to London.

The socialite claims this is when she way cut out from the pregnancy and was told by the Moscow-based surrogacy agency that they didn't have contact with the surrogate carrying her child any more.

"I was stuck in London with Covid," she told Mail Online. "As soon as I could, I flew to Moscow."

The Mirror reports that after Volkova arrived at the large home on the outskirts of the Russian capital which she once shared with her husband, Volkova claimed it took Shamalov three days to meet her there.

When Shamalov did arrive, the billionaire – who is one of the 18 Russian oligarchs currently sanctioned by the UK government in response to Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine – said he had a new girlfriend and wanted to divorce his wife, she said.

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The Russian beauty claimed her estranged husband's lawyers demanded she sign away her rights to see the baby, which she refused to do.

Ms Volkova now lives in London with her twin sister and a teenage son from a previous marriage, and is planning to divorce her husband, it was reported.

She is said to have a prenuptial agreement worth £45million, but only a single 3D scan of her child.

"I live with this small picture. I want her to know she has a mother who didn't run away from her. He can keep the £45million. I just want to see her," she said.

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