US Election 2020: What Biden and Trump need to win – route to victory MAPPED

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On November 3, America came out in force to cast votes in the most important election in a generation. Days later, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are still battling it out for a number of key states that could give them the Electoral College and the White House after a number of issues with ballot processing.

Key states are still awaiting results after the biggest voter turnout in American history.

Mr Biden is currently leading the national popular vote with 50.5 percent to Mr Trump’s 48 percent at the time of writing.

Over 141 million votes have been tabulated so far this election, with millions more expected to go.

Current forecasts predict some 158 million votes have been cast during the course of the 2020 election, via a combination of in-person voting and mail-in ballots which have surged in popularity thanks to COVID-19.

A number of states, such as Pennsylvania, were not allowed by Republican intervention to count mail-in votes until the closing of the in-person polls, meaning votes have taken a considerably long time to count given the huge turnout.

Mail-in ballots tend to be used by Democrat voters, which is why Mr Trump is calling for counting to stopped in several of the remaining states.

Many states that are left to declare are also running extremely close margins, separated by just thousands of votes in some states.

Both candidates need a combination of key battleground states that are left to declare.

Which states does Biden need?

Mr Biden currently has 253 declared EC seats, and needs 270 to gain power.

The Democrats need any two of the following states to win: Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Alternatively, if he takes Pennsylvania alone Mr Biden will also win the presidency.

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Which states does Trump need?

Mr Trump currently has 214 declared EC seats and needs 270 to retain his place in the White House.

To win the presidency, the Republicans need any three of Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia. Plus he also needs to win Pennsylvania.

If Mr Trump won Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the result would be a tie.

This means the path to the White House is currently looking pretty clear for Mr Biden, although it could still swing in the incumbent’s favour.

When can we expect results?

Unlike most races, we did not receive a decisive result on the night – but we live in unprecedented times.

A jump over the 270 EC threshold is expected by the end of play today, November 6 – but this has been predicted each day since polling day so far.

Combine this with a tight race and then the Trump campaign considering forcing recounts, and it’s possible to see how it might be some time before we know for sure who’s won.

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