‘Urgent concern’ Joe Biden accused of abandoning 3-year-old Californian boy in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Veteran discusses US family trapped in Kabul

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The toddler from Sacramento, California is reportedly still in Kabul with his family alongside an estimated 100-200 American citizens who want to return to the USA. The desperate story comes despite Mr Biden claiming to have airlifted “120,000” people during the evacuation from Afghanistan. Speaking to ABC7 news, a US veteran told how he is desperately trying to get the boy and his family, whose father is in the Marine Corps and family are all American citizens, out of Afghanistan but the message is not getting to the President.

Speaking to ABC James Brown said: “I received a call Sunday morning at about six a.m. from a friend of mine who’s an active duty Marine Corps officer stationed overseas and he basically felt like his hands were tied and he needed some help getting this family out.”

Mr Brown explained how he contacted Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier from California who is helping to get the boy and his family out by pushing the case through to the top of the US government.

He explained how he and Ms Speier made “numerous phone calls” to the White House, to the Secretary of Defense’s Office, and to the Secretary of State’s office escalating this family’s case.

Ms Speier also wrote a letter for the family to present to the Taliban at the airport.

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It read: “I believe it is of particular and urgent concern that these individuals be allowed to pass through the gate and be given safe refuge at Hamid Karzai International Airport … so that they might be available for departure.”

But tragically the letter worked to no avail and the family were kicked back and reportedly beaten by Taliban fighters.

Mr Brown claimed: “They were stopped by a Taliban checkpoint, and they received physical beatings at the gate!

“They were pushed back where they had to flee and return to a safe house.”

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ABC7 later reported the family has linked up with other US families stranded out in Kabul but are yet to be evacuated.

It comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the US Embassy in Kabul will remain closed and the diplomats will be moved to Doha, Qatar.

But he insisted: “We will continue our relentless efforts to help Americans, foreign nationals, and Afghans leave Afghanistan if they choose.”

The chaos comes as Joe Biden made a series of claims during a rambling speech to America on Tuesday evening following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20-years of intervention.

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In one extraordinary moment, the President claimed the troop withdrawal from Kabul that left 13 US service members dead was an “extraordinary success” and blamed Donald Trump for making the Taliban their “strongest” since 2001.

The emboldened President also said the operation to evacuate Afghanistan couldn’t have been done in a “more orderly manner” and said he “respectfully disagreed” with opposition figures who criticised the chaotic withdrawal.

Mr Biden also praised how the US airlifted 120,000 people to safety in what he described as “one of the biggest airlifts in history”.

But in a bizarre moment, Mr Biden drew an analogy between Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, and Yemen – a comment which sparked a ferocious backlash online.

He said: “I respectfully suggest you ask yourself this question: if we had been attacked on September 11, 2001 from Yemen instead of Afghanistan – would we have ever gone to war in Afghanistan?”

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