Ukrainian drone drops bomb in sunroof causing Russian troops fleeing in terror

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A group of Russian soldiers were spotted fleeing in terror when a Ukrainian drone dropped a bomb through the target's sunroof, letting it explode inside a vehicle.

The dramatic video was shared on Telegram and showed the Russians being mercilessly attacked by Ukrainian troops in the south-east region of Ukraine.

The drone operator was closely monitoring a small group of Russian infantry as they dropped ammunitions on top of them.

At least two soldiers were injured as the group made their way to their a vehicle.

As they got into the SUV, the Ukrainian drone operator dropped a mortar on top of them.

While it seemed like the bomb was going to hit the car bonnet, the Russians started driving and the mortar ended up falling directly through the sunroof and into the SUV.

The bomb exploded inside the car and eventually brought it to a halt.

This came after a Russian soldier got caught in explosion during an Instagram livestream as he bragged about the kills on frontline.

The young soldier was seen casually strolling through an active warzone, speaking to his camera before a bomb landed right next to him.

His video was interrupted as reports suggested he was killed in the explosion.

Last week, a Russian lawmaker has threatened that the UK could be wiped out in “202 seconds” with a nuclear missile during an erratic tirade on television.

"One Sarmat missile and that’s it, the British Isles are no more," he told the TV presenter and an unimpressed panel.

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"They need to be shown this picture, ‘guys, look at this picture, count the seconds, can you make it?’

"Hello it’s already here, that’s the way. Let them think about it, get a stopwatch, count 200 seconds.

"That’s how you talk to them, they don’t understand anything else."

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