Ukrainian civilian wasn’t bothered by Russian artillery – just wanted some weed

Amid the grim news coming out of Ukraine was rare moment of fun today, when Sky TV's special correspondent Alex Crawford tried to interview civilians fleeing a Russian artillery barrage on Kyiv.

As she walked past tank traps to speak to a group of refugees boarding a bus taking them to – relative – safety, she repeatedly stated that the civilians were “terrified”.

But the sole English speaker she managed to speak to wasn’t all that scared. In fact he was unusually laid back.

As the determined war correspondent tried to get him to give viewers at home some sense of the growing horror in Ukraine, the chilled out interviewee responded: “Uh…we were running in circles,” before getting onto his favourite subject.

“I am alright,” he cheerily announced, adding “I smoke weed. Legalise. Four-20”.

As Alex doggedly tried to get him to discuss the brutal Russian attacks on civilians, the clearly very relaxed Kyiv native continued: “Is cannabis legalised in Great Britain?”

The fellow was evidently not going to let a little thing like an illegal war cramp his style.

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And perhaps he was hoping to get some useful information about the legal status of cannabis in various European countries before he decided where he was going to apply for refugee status.

Ukrainians are absolutely steadfast in their defiance of the massive Russian onslaught.

Today the country’s main Post Office issued a new stamp commemorating the glorious moment when a 13-strong garrison on Snake Island in the Black Sea told a heavily-armed Russian warship to “go f**k itself” when ordered to surrender.

Ukrainian farmers have been towing away unattended Russian tanks and the Ukrainian authorities have even assured citizens that any Russian military equipment they seize doesn’t have to be declared for tax purposes.

“Have you captured a Russian tank or armoured personnel carrier and are worried about how to declare it?” A statement from Ukraine’s National Agency for the Protection against Corruption said. “Keep calm and continue to defend the motherland!”

The agency added that the value of “combat trophies” need not be declared for income tax purposes because they were acquired “in connection with the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation” against the “independent and sovereign Ukrainian state”.

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