Ukrainian bloke spotted in home next to unexploded Russian Ork missile

A Ukrainian bloke has been spotted going about his day-to-day business while manoeuvring around a Russian missile lodged in the wall of his apartment.

The man can be seen shaving his beard and having an even closer shave with the Russian Ork warhead planted right next to him in his open plan kitchen.

Footage uploaded to Reddit showed the man documenting the hole in his ceiling where the missile made its entrance and the bit of his home that still houses the Russian missile.

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The Ukrainian resident didn't seem all that surprised by the new, explosive ornament, with users on Reddit shocked by the bloke's steely courage.

Life seems to go on for the Ukrainian fella, who was spotted shaving right next to the missile currently lodged in the floor of his home.

One Reddit user joked: "Bruh, I won't go into my room if there's a spider this man is shaving with a rocket."

Another added that a few décor flourishes would spruce up the missile, which was launched through the apartment block and landed itself inside of the bloke's home.

A second Reddit user said: "Honestly, that would make a pretty awesome lamp once s**t calms down. Provided it doesn't still have a live warhead attached."

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As cool a lamp it would make, one user was curious as to who could deal with the new bit of explosive furniture, asking: "Who the f**k do you call about this?"

But for the keen-eyed video viewers the issue wasn't of the missile planting itself in the kitchen, but of the bathroom just to the left of it, LADBible reported.

One user said: "No one else is wondering why a bathroom sink and mirror is next to the kitchen stove?"

Officials have thankfully stopped by the home of the Ukrainian who had a missile fired through his home as a precautionary measure to make sure the missile, and the bloke that now owns it, are safe.

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