Ukraine releases ‘extraordinary’ video of foreign kamikaze drone destroying Russian tank

Ukrainian 'kamikaze' drone destroys Russian tank

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The footage shows the Ukraine drone, armed with powerful explosives, locating a Russian tank sitting immobile by a crossroads. The kamikaze drone, so-called due to its self-sacrificing role, flies from a distance towards the enemy vehicle. It hits the tank directly, killing what appears to be Russian soldiers working on top of the vehicle. 

Melissa Bell, CNN’s Kyiv correspondent, said: “Extraordinary footage that was posted by the Ukrainian army in a Facebook post. 

“It shows what looks like a kamikaze drone hitting a Russian tank. Now just a bit of background on some of those kamikaze drones. 

“We know that the United States has provided 100 switchblade drones to the Ukrainian armed forces. 

“The advantage they have tactically on the field, as a result, is that they can be fired from a distance, so from about 25 miles. 

“This means their use gives an asymmetrical advantage to Ukrainian forces as they try to target tank and artillery positions on the Russian side. 

“This is the first confirmed use of a kamikaze drone and we’re trying to get more information on whether it was one of those drones donated by the US. 

“But just extraordinary pictures in the meantime showing just that high tech weaponry being used on the battlefield with all the potential advantages it might mean for Ukraine’s fight.” 

Meanwhile, Russian forces launched offensives on towns in eastern Ukraine today with constant mortar bombardment destroying several houses and killing civilians, Ukrainian officials said, as Russia focuses its attack on the industrial Donbas region.

After failing to seize Kyiv or Ukraine’s second city Kharkiv, Russia is trying to take the rest of the separatist-claimed Donbas’ two provinces, Donetsk and Luhansk, and trap Ukrainian forces in a pocket on the main eastern front.

In the easternmost part of the Ukrainian-held Donbas pocket, the city of Severodonetsk on the east bank of the Seversky Donets River and its twin Lysychansk, on the west bank, have become a pivotal battlefield. 

Russian forces were reportedly advancing from three directions to encircle them.


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President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office said the Russians launched an offensive on Severodonetsk early today and the town was under constant fire from mortars.

Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Gaidai said six civilians were killed and at least eight wounded, most near bomb shelters, in the city. 

Mr Gaidai said: “At the moment, with the support of artillery, the Russian occupiers are attacking Severodonetsk.” 

Ukraine’s military said it had repelled nine Russian attacks yesterday in the Donbas where Moscow’s troops had killed at least 14 civilians, using aircraft, rocket launchers, artillery, tanks, mortars, and missiles.

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