Ukraine partisans ‘cut the throat’ of Russian soldier accused of abusing underage girl

Ukraine: Footage shows man being put on stretcher in Melitopol

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Ivan Fedorov, exiled mayor of the town of Melitopol in southern Ukraine, said on Sunday the Russian was “brutally attacked”. In a message on Telegram, he wrote: “Melitopol partisans have brutally attacked an occupier who was molesting a child.”

Mr Fedorov added: “An hour ago, a Russian soldier was sexually assaulting an [underage] girl in the street of one of the town’s neighbourhoods.

“But our partisans are everywhere. They have cut the occupier’s throat.

“It’s quite symbolic this has taken place on the Heroiv Ukrainy [Ukraine’s Heroes] Street.”

He also said explosions had rocked several neighbourhoods in the town, stating: “Another ‘hot’ night for the occupiers: blasts can be heard in several of Melitopol’s districts.

“Our resistance forces say that until the Ruscists withdraw from our land, each of their days here will be hot like hell.”

Ruscist is a term used to describe Russian occupiers in Ukraine.

It has not been possible to find out the condition of the Russian soldier.

Ukrainian media outlet Euromaidan Press reported the alleged attack alongside video footage which appears to show a person being placed onto a stretcher before being taken away.


It has not been possible to independently verify the footage or reports.

Ukraine is investigating almost 26,000 suspected war crime cases committed since Russia launched its invasion on February 24.

The country has charged at least 135 people, according to Kyiv’s chief war crimes prosecutor.

Yuriy Bilousov, Head of the War Crimes Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office said of those charged, about 15 are in Ukrainian custody with the remaining 120 still at large, as of August 7.

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A 21-year-old captured Russian soldier in May became the first person to be convicted in a war crimes trial in Ukraine since Russia invaded.

He was sentenced to life in prison for killing an unarmed civilian.

Mr Bilousov said: “Sometimes we’ve been asked why we prosecute such… low-ranked officers. It’s just because they are physically here…

“If generals were here physically and we were able to capture [them], we would definitely prosecute generals.”

Ukraine targeted Russian troop bases in Melitopol with long range strikes earlier this month.

Ukrainian HIMARS strikes hit multiple military bases in the Russian-occupied town, killing troops and destroying hardware, according to the exiled mayor.

Mr Fedorov wrote on Telegram: “According to preliminary estimates, a significant amount of military equipment was destroyed.”

It came after Ukrainian forces hit a Russian military logistics base with over 30 strikes in July.

Russia’s RIA news agency reported that Ukraine had hit the Aviamistechko area of Melitopol where the city’s airport is located, but did not specify what had been hit.

It was reported on July 3 that Russian news agency RIA had cited local Moscow-appointed official Vladimir Rogov as saying about 16 to 18 Ukrainian MLRS rockets had hit Melitopol in two strikes. It was not possible to independently verify the reports.

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