Ukraine LIVE: Soldiers tear down Russian flags – key city retaken

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Ukraine has retaken the city of Balakliya in the last 24 hours. New clips have emerged online of victorious Ukrainian soldiers removing Russian propaganda and being greeted by flag-waving Ukrainians.

It comes after Ukraine launched a surprise offensive in the Kharkiv region earlier this week.

An installed official from the Russian-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic said on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces “encircled” the city of 27,000 people.

Balakliya is some 43 miles southeast of the city of Kharkiv, lying on a bend of the Siversky Donets river to the west of Izyum.

Russian forces quickly turned it into a stronghold earlier in the invasion.


Ukrainian soldiers tear down Russian propaganda

Ukraine’s soldiers have retaken the city of Balakliya in the last 24 hours.

A new clip shows them ripping away Russian propaganda from a billboard.

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