UK weather forecast: Cold front to lash thundery downpours over Britain

Last weekend saw record temperatures but since then the climate has plunged in some points to -7C. Tuesday night saw temperatures reach well below zero in the northeast of England, however, temperatures could soon rise again.

Not before some showers hit the UK, as there could be some heavy showers in the south-west of England this week.

Net weather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “By Wednesday night and early Thursday, there will be changes at either end of the UK.

“The cold front will move over northern Scotland, with only a little rain but a change to the colder air mass.

“A low pressure heading for Portugal and NW Spain will throw showers ahead of it towards SW England.

“There could be a few showers for SW Britain during Thursday but there is now more of a signal for rain which could be heavy, even thundery by Friday.

“So, timings and locations may change but through Friday into Saturday, there is the risk of heavy downpours, lightning strikes and a dramatic change in our weather for Wales and England, mostly southern Britain.”

Thursday is expected to be the warmest day of the week as temperatures could reach highs of 21C in the south.

The Met Office said: “Following a further cold and frosty start another sunny day follows for the majority.

“The exception remains the far northwest where it remains stubbornly cloudy.”

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It comes as the government has asked the British public to continue to remain indoors amid the current lockdown.

As the warm weather has encouraged people to head outdoors.

Over the last weekend, many flouted the lockdown law to head out to local parks and beauty spots to enjoy the nice weather.

On Thursday it is expected the government will extend the current measures for three weeks.

The death toll in the UK has continued to rise over the past week, as the peak of the virus is yet to have occurred.

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