UK weather forecast: Britain to heat up as high pressure system brings new mini heatwave

After a warm Easter bank holiday weekend, the climate will plunge to around 11 degrees in central England before the sunshine returns as a high-pressure system sweeps in from the Atlantic. It comes as the UK remained in lockdown the past Sunday when temperatures peaked at 25 degrees.

The Met Office said that from today there will be “lots of blue skies and sunshine” this week.

And temperatures will rise again to above 20C, meaning another mini-heatwave is expected.

Emma Salter, forecaster for the Met Office, said: “From Monday onwards, there’ll be a cooler area of high pressure, generally fine and dry but certainly much cooler than it has been with top temperatures on Monday for central London expected to reach just 13C.

“On Thursday, there will be a band of rain sweeping up, affecting southern parts of the UK. It will be warmer across the country, with temperatures back up to the low 20s.

“We expect Friday to be cloudy on the whole, with heavy showers across the south.”

Netweather Forecaster Jo Farrow added temperatures will reach low twenties later in the week.

She said: “For Tuesday the high slips further south so there will be a westerly breeze for Northern Ireland and Scotland and a lift of the cool feel for NE Britain which has at times had quite a chill with the flow off the sea.

“Temperatures widely 10 to 15C with a lighter breeze for England and Wales after today’s winds.

“Fair and sunny across the UK with just a little patchy rain and more cloud in the far north of Scotland.

“After the abrupt change in temperature today there will be more warm sunshine and temperatures lifting into the high teens, low twenties from mid-week onwards for many but not all of the UK.”

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On Thursday there will be fine and dry with light winds.

Cloud builds over the region Friday with the chance of showers developing later in the afternoon.

Saturday will see occasional outbreaks of rain but will remain generally warm.

It comes as the Britons have been warned not to flout lockdown laws by flocking to beaches and parks as the sun begins to be a regular fixture.

Police have been granted permission to give fines to those who are caught ignoring the rules.

The past weekend there were 1,084 fines handed to those who had broken coronavirus guidelines.

In London, the Royal Parks were full of sunseekers some blatantly not sticking to the social distancing rules.

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