UK storm forecast: Deluge of rain to last WEEKS as 8 inches to batter Britain – new maps

BBC Weather: UK set for intense downpours in some areas

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The UK’s summer looks set to continue to be a disappointment to the nation, as heavy showers are set to characterise much of August. The Met Office currently has two yellow alerts in place for rain and thunderstorms, valid until midnight on Saturday. But the latest weather charts show the unsettled conditions are set to persist through the coming weeks, with one chart showing up to 8inches of rain (204mm) could fall by mid-month.

Today is set to be characterised by heavy rainfall, especially in the north of the UK.

A precipitation chart by Netweather shows parts of Scotland can expect up to 18mm of rainfall this afternoon, with much of the rest of the UK expecting showers.

The wet conditions look set to persist throughout the weekend, with the charts showing a slight easing by Sunday afternoon.

The Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning in the east of Scotland, lasting until 2pm today.

A second weather alert covers much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England until midnight on Saturday.

The yellow weather warning is for thunderstorms, and warns of “slow-moving, heavy downpours, some thundery”.

But weather charts show the wet weather is set to continue right through next week and later into the month.

Netweather maps show a weather front approaching from the west of the UK on Wednesday, bringing with it up to 18mm of rain.

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The wet spell is forecast to mainly affect the west coast and parts of northern England.

But a second front is set to move in late on Thursday, August 12, prompting showers across much of the UK.

Heavy rain is expected to return from Sunday, August 15, with the west of England and Wales set for up to 18mm of rainfall.

By early Monday morning, the whole of the UK is forecast showers.

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The charts show much of the week will be characterised by rainfall, with conditions only easing slightly on Thursday 19.

Separate maps by WXCharts show precipitation totals, with 63mm (2.4inches) expected in parts of Scotland by the end of this weekend, Sunday, August 8.

Northern England is set to see rain totals of between 33-28mm.

But as the rainfall continues to batter the UK over the coming weeks, precipitation totals are expected to rise considerably.

By mid-week, rain totals are set to soar to 90mm, as the map shows huge sections of the UK turn a deep red – indicating the high precipitation levels.

By the end of next weekend, the charts show much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and western England will see high precipitation totals, of up to 152mm.

The map shows parts of the UK turn white, indicating the highest levels of rain.

Rain is set to increase steadily over the following week, with the chart showing rain totals could reach 204mm (8 inches) by Saturday, August 21.

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