UK hot weather forecast: Long-range chart shows WARM European air return – latest maps

Britain has enjoyed some of the hottest temperatures of the year this week, with the mercury regularly surging beyond 30C in large parts of the country. But the latest weather maps from WXCHARTS show a band of cooler air sweeping in across western and central Europe from Monday, with the UK in danger of receiving the back end of this colder blast. Warmer air will briefly return to blanket much of the continent from Thursday, with the map turning almost entirely blue for almost a week thereafter.

But the weather charts show from Wednesday August 25, scorching air suddenly starts blanketing much of Southern Europe.

This will continue making its way through the continent through much of the following day, before blasting Britain in time for the Bank Holiday weekend on Saturday August 29.

The scorching plume of air from Europe will continue to blanket the UK throughout the weekend, before making its way from the continent towards the end of the month.

The long-range weather forecast from the BBC for August 24 until September 6 warns areas of low pressure could track near the north of the UK and as the month progresses, rain and windy spells are likely throughout most of the country.

Northern Ireland and Scotland are likely to be hit by most of this wet weather, while England and Wales “may only see fleeting spells of wet weather as fronts come and go”, with Southeast England likely to escape many of the downpours.

But the forecast continues: “High pressure may ridge in from Europe to give lengthier periods of dry and warm weather over the southeast, whilst fronts may push into the northwest to give frequent wet spells and fluctuating temperatures.”

But there is “considerable uncertainty to the forecast around the turn of the month”, as one weather type “may dominate over the other for an extended period”.

Low pressure may drift further south than expected, which could bring above-average rainfall to that part of the country instead.

However, the BBC forecast also says: “By the same token, high pressure may be more persistent and extensive over the UK, which would bring drier, warmer weather more widely across the country.

“Another complicating matter is that in late August and early September, the Atlantic hurricane season tends to enter its peak of activity, and this can lead to large swings in the weather for the UK.”

The long-range forecast from the Met Office from August 18-29 warns this period will likely experience unsettled weather.

There could be “longer spells of rain at times” that could become heavy in places.

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There is also a chance of thundery weather, but this is most likely to smash into the east and southeast of the UK.

Temperatures could start “rather warm for many” at the start of this period, but may cool slightly as winds sweep in across the country.

But the Met Office also offers a more encouraging forecast for the two-week period from Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday August 29).

The Met Office says in this long-range forecast: “Although confidence is low for this period, it is likely that conditions will become more changeable with drier and brighter days interspersed with periods of rain and strengthening winds.

“Temperatures should be around the average for this time of year.

“Towards the end of this period, there are some tentative signs that high pressure could begin to dominate, especially across the south of the UK, with a return to more settled conditions.”

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