UK heatwave to smash 41C barrier and unleash astonishing hot weather on Britain in DAYS

BBC Weather: UK sweltering as mercury soars for the weekend

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A high pressure system, known as the “Bermuda High”, will strike across the country this week and into the rest of the month. This week temperatures start off at a typical summer 20C, before skyrocketing upwards towards 30C as the country gets “warmer and warmer”. By the middle of July, the UK is predicted to be scorching under 35C heat – with some experts even predicting highs of 41C.

Discussing the heatwave on Good Morning Britain, meteorologist Laura Tobin said: “The rumours are not normally true, but this one looks like it’s going ahead.

“It’s just going to get warmer and warmer as we head through this week into next week.”

She added that some experts were predicting it may even reach 41C. One prediction from the Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS), a weather model created by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), shows temperatures reaching 40C in the south of England by Monday July 18.

Breaking down the approaching scorcher, Ms Tobin said: “High pressure brings settled conditions, low pressure brings wet and windy.

“Next week, the high pressure looks set to shift to our east.

“That will bring up warm air from the continent.”

The heatwave will primarily hit the south of Britain, with southern England and Wales caught up in the soaring temperatures. James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “We are about to see a period of very warm weather which could hold out for seven to 10 days and bring a major heatwave to Britain.

“By the middle of the month it would not be out of the question for the odd spot to hit 35C.

“In the meantime, we expect temperatures to start rising into the mid- to high-20Cs, and these will be sustained through the next week or so.

“The driver for the hot weather will be the Azores High stretching into Britain from the Atlantic, and this is also known as the ‘Bermuda High’.”

Daniel Rudman, Met Office deputy chief forecaster said: “We anticipate that the area of high pressure currently over the Azores will increasingly extend towards the Southwest of the UK.

“This will lead to a good deal of warmer and mostly dry weather, especially across the south, although it may also bring cloud and rain into the northwest at times.”

Bookies have slashed the odds on weather records being set with temperatures poised to rocket higher than in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Ibiza. Coral is offering 6-4 from 3-1 on this summer beating the highest UK temperature of 38.7C.

It is odds-on at 1-2 from 5-4 on a hosepipe ban and 7-4 for a pavement-melting 40C before the end of the year. Spokesman John Hill said: “Temperatures are set to soar as the month progresses, and our betting suggests we may even be set for the UK’s highest temperature in history, breaking the previous record which was set in 2019.

“With a lot of dry weather on its way, we have also slashed the odds on the UK imposing a hosepipe ban this summer.”

While most of the UK will parch over the next couple of weeks, northern regions may get the odd shower.

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