UK buys first quantum computer – and it could help fight enemies in future wars

The UK's Ministry of Defence has bought its first ever quantum computer – and it could help us to defeat enemies in any future wars.

The super-computer is capable of making very complex calculations at a speed thousands of times faster than an average PC.

The new purchase was created by Orca Cumputing.

And among those calculations can be battle plans for war, according to one expert.

Despite stating that the strength of the new quantum computer not being fully realised for a long time, Professor Winfried Hensinger, head of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies at University of Sussex, told that BBC that it can help to defend us in war.

He told the BBC: “They can't actually solve any any practical problems yet. They're enabling you to maybe gauge the possibilities of what working on a quantum computer would have if you can scale this machine to really large system sizes.

“Quantum computing can be disruptive in nearly any industry sector.

“You can imagine that within defence, there's a lot of problems where optimisation can play a huge and very important role."

The MoD's Stephen Till called the purchase a “milestone moment”.

And Richard Murray, chief executive of Orca Computing, said: “‘Our partnership with MoD gives us the type of hands-on close interaction, working with real hardware which will help us to jointly discover new applications of this revolutionary new technology.”

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