UFOs in Manitoba skies last weekend? Not quite, says planetarium manager

Did you spot any strange lights in the Manitoba skies over the weekend?

According to the manager of the planetarium at the Manitoba Museum, don’t worry — they weren’t UFOs, but new satellites sent into space by American aerospace company SpaceX.

“One of the benefits of the social isolation going on right now is that I’ve been spending more time out under the stars by myself,” Scott Young told 680 CJOB.

“Both nights, I saw these things come out of the west and move overhead. Sometimes you could only see one, and sometimes you could see two or three or four of them.

“My biggest count was eight of them above the horizon at a given time. They were all over the place.”

Young said the objects were Starlink satellites launched by Elon Musk’s space company — part of a plan to eventually launch 12,000 of them into orbit over the Earth and provide satellite Internet to distant corners of the globe.

Young said there are over 300 of the satellites currently in orbit, with many more to come.

“They go up in chunks of 60 and all of the 60 in a given launch, they’re all in the same orbit. So that means when we see them go over, they all appear to be in a line,” he said.

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