Uber Eats driver filmed placing Chinese on doorstep before ‘walking off with it’

A man has recorded an Uber Eats delivery driver appearing to steal a £39 Chinese meal after 'delivering' it to his doorstep.

On Friday (April 29), Jon Cawdron placed an order from Lucky House Chinese in Blackpool, Lancashire, via Uber Eats totalling at £39.44.

Shortly afterwards he received a notification saying his food had been delivered but he hadn't heard the door knocked.

Jon called the takeaway, who directed him back to Uber Eats and then decided to check his CCTV footage.

When he did, he was astounded to see the delivery driver had placed the order on his doorstep, taken a photograph to mark it as delivered on the app, then picked it up and walked off with it.

Unluckily for the driver, Jon then shared the footage on his YouTube channel JC Photography.

In the clip, the voiceover says: "This is why you should never order from Uber Eats.

"You're about to watch some shocking footage. Keep an eye on my Uber Eats delivery driver. He has bought me my two bags of Chinese food for the family.

"Wait, what's this?" Jon's narration continues, "instead of getting the second bag out, he is putting my food back into his bag. Now what? Surely not? He is, he is stealing my food."

Speaking to LancsLive, Jon said: "At no point did he ring my door bell, or knock on the door. When I received a notification saying my food had been delivered I rang the takeaway first. They said they only make the food and I will need to contact Uber Eats by phone and she gave me the number.

"When I rang them they just tried making out I was lying and they had evidence and I wouldn't be getting a refund. It was only after the evidence that I checked CCTV, thinking one of my guests had taken it."

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Jon also went to visit Lucky House to see if there was anything the takeaway could do after showing them the video. There, Jon was told they too would report the incident to Uber Eats.

An Uber Eats spokesperson said: "Couriers working with us are expected to follow strict community guidelines on delivering orders and what has been described is totally unacceptable. I can confirm we have refunded Jon in full and are investigating this report."

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