Two senior Taliban commanders say group are ‘inside’ presidential palace as country falls

Taliban commanders ‘entered presidential palace’ says expert

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Two senior Taliban commanders have announced their fighters walked into the “deserted” Presidential Palace in the Afghan capital of Kabul this afternoon. It news comes only hours after President Ashraf Ghani is believed to have fled the country for neighbouring Tajikistan.

Sky news host said: “Reuters is reporting that Taliban forces have entered the Afghan Presidential Palace.

“Quoting two senior Taliban reporters in Kabul.

“We heard that the palace was practically deserted as the people there have fled.”

“We know that there have been reports that fighters were moving into Kabul rather than being at the gates of the city.”

He added: “In the words of the Taliban: ‘to maintain law and order’.

The news come as a live BBC News broadcast was interrupted by Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen who wished to discuss the Taliban’s future goals – the interview lasted around an hour with BBC World anchor Yalda Hakim.

Mr Shaheen claimed: “Over the next few days, we want a peaceful transfer of power. Secondly, people will be able to resume their normal [lives].”

“Thirdly, there is no revenge on all those who are working with the Kabul administration or with the foreign forces. 

He added: “We want all embassies to continue their work, there will be no risk to diplomats or to anyone. All should continue as if they were continuing in the past.”

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