Two prison guards scolded for using jail van to trace lag who pinched bike

Two prison warders have been disciplined after foiling a crime.

They used a jail van to trace a lag who pinched one of their bikes as he was being released.

The pair tracked the culprit four miles from Hewell Prison in Redditch, Worcs, to a railway station and caught him on board a train with the £2,000 bicycle.

They were given formal warnings for using a prison vehicle without permission.

A source said: "It seems a bit mean for preventing a crime.

"Surely that comes with the territory.

"You would think they would be getting well-done pats on the back.

"Instead it looks like they’ve made them the scapegoats.

"It seems totally wrong.’’

A warder had left the bike in a foyer. He discovered one inmate had been released that day – and had a rail ticket from Redditch.

The warder asked a colleague to take him there in the post van, which is supposed to stay on site.

He retrieved his bike and gave the lag a “lecture”.

Sources said both officers had apologised. The Ministry Of Justice had not responded to requests for comment last night.

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