Two blokes hit punters with chairs in ‘WWE match’ outside London restaurant

Two men were recorded swinging chairs at people in the street during a brawl outside of a restaurant in Beckenham, London, that was described as a "WWE match'

The video, which was recorded by a customer inside the restaurant, shows one bloke, wearing a white shirt, holding a yellow chair over his head as he attempted to hit people in black hoodies.

Another man then appears to come into the shot with a black chair over his head doing the same, as staff from inside Branded Beckenham on the High Street began locking the doors.

Customers at the restaurant were heard asking if they should call the police as the violence heated up outside.

The clip, which was taken on June 8, has since been circulating on Twitter, sending social media users wild over the footage as they quipped: "Seems to be a WWE match in a restaurant."

Another added: "Chav central."

"Well… they all walked off into the night, no respect or deterrent," a third added.

Branded Beckenham and the adjacent restaurant Pierluigi's were contacted by the Daily Star regarding the incident.

Met Police were also approached for a comment but say they are not aware of any reports of the incident.

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The news comes after a punter who was stirring up trouble at a London pub picked the wrong security guard to mess with after being knocked out in one punch by a former opponent of Mike Tyson.

Julius Francis, a 57-year-old former British champion boxer who fought Tyson in 2000, now works as a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley.

The viral video was shared on Twitter on June 13, by talkSPORT's boxing editor, Michael Benson, who wrote: "Former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis (who fought Mike Tyson) now working as security at BOXPARK Wembley and dealing with some trouble today…"

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