Two-bed house on sale for £99k despite gaping holes and mountains of rubbish

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A two-bedroom house filled with disgusting piles of litter is expected to fetch a whopping £99,000 at auction.

The pad, located in Glasgow, is covered in weeds with what appears to be rotting mould on some of the walls and huge holes in the ceiling.

Small hills of trash, trinkets and clothes blot out the floor in what looks like a living room area.

Every surface in the kitchen and bathroom is likewise covered in debris and the sink and bath are overflowing with soiled toiletries.

Despite the challenges, it has been listed as an "exciting" fixer-upper that just needs some care, The Mirror reports.

In the promotional photos on Rightmove, the front door can be seen wide open where further horrors lie within.

One shocking picture shows a series of collapsed wooden beams from the ceiling now strewn across what appears to be a bed, tHE m

A second bedroom still has previous tenant's posters up, while the bed remains unmade.

Commenting on the unusual listing, Louise Diana joked: "I'd at least like a ceiling for £99,000."

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Auctioneer National Property states: "The house requires a full refurbishment and, due to the condition, is currently uninhabitable, non mortgageable and therefore a cash buy only, sold as seen, and unsafe for viewings."

The run-down property also comes with overgrown front, side and rear gardens.

But the firm stands by the fact the property is a "wonderful development opportunity" in a highly sought after area for a canny buyer.

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In more worrying photos, a dirty looking sofas can be seen covered in rubbish and old clothes.

The floor of what used to be a liveable space is now completely covered in trash and what appears to be rubble.

Walls surrounding the sofas have been festered with mould and damp, creating an unappealing pattern of green against the once cream wallpaper.

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It adds: "Recent sales of similarly sized properties nearby in good condition have reached superb prices.

"The house requires a complete refurbishment and is priced competitively to sell hence cash buy only."

The auctioneer also suggests a buyer could seek planning permission for a rear extension and to develop the loft.

The online auction ends on January 27.

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