Trick-or-treating boys’ heartwarming gesture seen on doorbell camera wins hearts

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    A woman was moved by two young boys' kind gestures when she saw them trick-or-treating at her door.

    Jodie Laithy, who lives in Page Moss in Merseyside, left a bowl of candies outside her front door for Halloween last night (Monday).

    To her surprise, her Ring doorbell camera caught what she called "the cutest thing ever" on video when two boys came knocking on her door.

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    Sharing the footage online, it shows the boys hiding next to the door and putting on a clown mask while they wait Jodie to open the door.

    But a few seconds later, the boy in a ski mask realises an empty bowl on a chair by the door.

    "Oh no! Someone has taken them [sweets]!" he says and opens his plastic bag full of sweets, leaving some in the bowl for Jodie.

    The other boy follows and unzips his backpack, putting down a few candies.

    He can be heard saying: "How could someone just take all of it?"

    They wave goodbye at the camera and say: "Bye bye, happy Halloween!"

    Jodie told Liverpool Echo: "These kids actions were so cute. I hope their parents see it and are proud of them.

    "We left a bowl of sweets out for the kids while we were out, and because it was empty they put some of their own sweets in it.

    "I didn’t expect that from two young lads, amazing they are.

    "And their little wave and 'happy Halloween' was the cutest thing ever."

    Viewers also praised the kids for their kind gesture as one woman commented: "This is so adorable. Absolute credits to their families."

    A second wrote: "Lovely caring souls. Well done mum and dad."

    "We need this in our lives more often!" a third added.


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