‘Tone deaf Harry’s comments on quitting a job are far from reality’, expert says

The claim by Prince Harry that we should “celebrate” people who walk out of their jobs is a “tone deaf” statement that shows just how far removed he is from reality, according to one prominent royal-watcher.

The Duke of Sussex made the comment in a recent interview, in which he was asked about “increased burnout and job resignations”.

He replied: “We should ‘celebrate’ people who quit jobs that don’t ‘bring them joy’.”

That answer has now brought a scathing response from royal expert Daniela Elser in her News.com.au column.

She said: “Let’s just take a moment here to reflect on the fact these sage words about work are coming from man who has had a job in the private sector for 15 months; who previously had only ever been employed for the family business and the army; a man who until July last year had only ever lived in places provided for him by his [grandmother] or the military; and a man who received millions of dollars from his dear Papa up until the age of about 35.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that Harry had become chief impact officer for a start-up company called Better Up.

The service “costs $684 per month to access, making it totally out-of-reach for the vast majority of people”, said Daniela.

“Let me be clear here: Harry’s commitment to raising awareness about mental health and addressing the stigma that can surround it has been exemplary and his dedication to this cause is abundantly clear and an enduring credit to him.

“But spruiking [publicising] a service far, far out of reach for most people strikes an excruciatingly tone-deaf note.

“Does he really think a single parent working two minimum-wage gigs is doing so because they find working essentially for tips a soul-satisfying experience? Does he have any understanding of the fact that one in six Americans stay in jobs they would otherwise leave because of the associated health insurance?”

The columnist said the Duke seemed to fail to grasp that despite having quit being an active member of the Royal Family, Harry “has had, and will always have, the sort of choice and freedom that comes with having millions of dollars in the bank”.

She added: “That is a luxury that very, very few people have.”

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