Three-ton monster dubbed ‘weirdest fish on planet’ smashes world record

An enormous example of the ‘world’s weirdest fish’ has obliterated all the records after being discovered dead in the Azores.

The three-ton sunfish was discovered off the coast of Portugal and is understood to be the heaviest bony fish ever found according to a new study.

Also known as a bump-head sunfish, the gigantic beast was actually discovered almost a year ago in December 2021, but confirmation from the study has only surfaced now.

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It was found dead off Faial Island, in the Azores in the North Atlantic Ocean.

According to the non-profit conservation Atlantic Naturalist Association, it was taken to shore for study by locals before researchers got to work analysing the corpse.

Details of the report were released in the Journal of Fish Biology on Tuesday (October 11).

The deep-sea monster was a whopping 12 feet wide and 11 feet long.

On the scales, it came in at a mind-blowing 6,049 pounds, or 2,744 kilograms – roughly the same as three tons.

Further research was carried out on its DNA and stomach contents.

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Described by head researcher José Nuno Gomes-Pereira as a "majestic specimen," he told LiveScience that the pictures don’t do the scale of the beast justice.

The record smashed by the odd-looking predator was held by another Sunfish found off the coast of Japan in 1996 that tipped the scales to 5,070 pounds or 2,300 kg, according to Guinness World Records.

Despite popular belief, sunfish aren’t named as they are because they look like circles from the side.

Instead, after long dives deep into the ocean, they float on the surface of the water to reheat in the sun’s rays.

The numbers of sunfish aren’t specifically known, although they can be found across the world’s oceans.

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