Thousands watch in horror as bird smashes into Red Arrow jet after ‘loud pop’

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An RAF Red Arrows jet was forced into an emergency landing after it crashed into a bird in mid-flight.

The scary scene took place at the Rhyl Air Show on Sunday (August 28).

Thousands of flight enthusiasts witnessed to horror moment, which happened during a fly over.

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According to North Wales Live, watchers heard a “loud pop” before the £5 million jet had to break off from formation as the bird had smashed through the glass cockpit – it happened just above the pilots head.

It was confirmed by officials at the time that the the craft, known as Red 6, had been the victim of an unlucky “bird strike”.

A spokesman confirmed over the speaker system that the craft had suffered “significant damage”.

They explained, according to eyewitness at the scene: “From what I can hear it sounds as if a bird has impacted its (Red 6's) canopy.

“This generally means that the bird has gone through the canopy and completely shattered it, which means that what he's actually hearing is the wind rushing through the canopy.

“I can't confirm that so don't start tweeting it, or anything like that cos I don't know, that's my biggest guess.

“If that's the case it's quite significant for Red 6 because they are listening to air traffic, air traffic can't hear you, which is why 7 is with him and they'll be guided down with him on his wing.

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"The most important part is that it sounds like it didn't go down the engine.

The rest of the performance from the RAF was cancelled, with the crew returning to Hawarden air base – where the air show was taking place.

They were given a round of applause upon returning.

The pilot of the damaged craft appeared to have suffered no injuries, but the Daily Star has reached out to the RAF for confirmation.

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