‘Thousands of birds’ drop from sky dehydrated due to scorching super heatwave

Thousands of birds have dropped from the sky, exhausted and dehydrated due to a monster heatwave.

Animal rescuers in Ahmedabad, the largest city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, say they are treating dozens of birds each day as temperatures surpass 40C.

The birds have ranged from eagles to pigeons, with other animals such as cats also affected.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been forced to warn of potential fires as swathes of South Asia are scorched in some of the hottest pre-summer temperatures in recent memory.

In Ahmedabad, experts say that the heatwave is drying out the city's water sources, proving damaging to its wildlife.

Veterinary doctors at the Jivdaya Charitable Trust's animal hospital are working non-stop to help the fatigued animals.

Manoj Bhavsar, who has been rescuing birds for over a decade and works with the trust, said: "This year has been one of the worst in the recent times.

"We have seen a 10% increase in the number of birds that need rescuing."

On Wednesday (May 11) veterinarians were seen injecting water into birds' mouths with syringes and feeding them multi-vitamin tablets.

There is also concern for humans, with Gujarat health officials advising hospitals to set up specialised wards for victims of heat stroke or other heatwave-related ailments.

Temperatures in Ahmedabad are expected to hit 42C, 43C and 44C in the coming days.

March was India's hottest in more than 100 years and since then more than two dozen people have tragically died from suspected heat stroke.

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This comes after around 200 birds dropped dead from the sky in Wales, shocking passing motorists.

Several witnesses watched as the birds, confirmed to be starlings, began raining down with some believing they had been electrocuted or were being chased by a bird of prey and hit the road surface.

Michaela Pritchard described it as an "eerie sight" and said it looked like a "massacre" as she travelled on the Hazelbeach Road between Waterston and Hazelbeach in February.

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