Thirty wedding guests ditch Brit groom in Prague to avoid having to quarantine

A Brit groom-to-be saw 30 of his guests fly back to the UK due to the change in quarantine rules, missing the wedding.

The man, only known as Oliver, has lived in the Czech Republic for the last 11 years but is originally from Kent.

He was due to marry his fiancee Andrea, 33, in Prague.

But it was announced on Thursday that the Czech Republic, along with Switzerland and Jamaica, were coming off the UK's 'safe list' it would been anyone arriving back after 4am Saturday August, 29, would have to isolate for 14 days.

Sadly, this prompted 30 of the guests including Oliver's bridesmaid sister, who is a teacher, to make the difficult decision to go home.

Oliver, 38, told PA news agency: "I'm down about 30 guests and my little sister, who is a bridesmaid, is distraught at having to fly home tonight before the wedding (she is a teacher).

"We have not slept much for the past few days and are exhausted emotionally leading up to the wedding.

"We have just said a tearful goodbye to family who are having to leave before the wedding today at great expense."

Oliver said some family members had already pulled out due to age and ill health, which he described as a "shame but understandable".

But some of his friends and immediate family decided they would stay for the ceremony and isolate when they get back to the UK.

He said that the situation had left him "even more angry at the UK leadership (or lack of) than before".

"Where is their explanation of the decision-making? It's arbitrary, random and has simply left a couple and a family here in tears before what is supposed to be the best day of their lives," he said.

Oliver and Andrea had already cancelled their wedding twice due to pregnancy.

Before lockdown, they booked their third attempt for August and confirmed last month that it would go ahead after the Czech Republic was placed on the government's list of countries from which arrivals would not have to isolate.

Oliver said: "We decided to go ahead when the Czech Republic had done very well controlling the virus and relaxing many of the restrictions."

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