The famous Standley Lake bald eagle baby is adorable, and we've got the screencaps to prove it — The Know

Fans of the famous Standley Lake bald eagles remain enthralled as they watch streaming video chronicling the growth of an eaglet that hatched three weeks ago.

On the Standley Lake Eagle Cam Facebook Group page, members remark on how fast the hungry eaglet, known as SL1, is growing. They swoon when they see the parents, Dad and a female known as F420, feed the eaglet with fresh fish plucked from Standley Lake.

“SL1 is growing & maturing by leaps and bounds!” one poster wrote. “F420 & Dad feel confident enough to leave the little one alone in the nest for longer periods of time, especially since it’s a nice day! Much more of his/her second down is visible and the beak has grown considerably! SL1 demonstrated successful imprinting this morning with some solo preening and nest maintenance … . Then it was time for a nap! F420 & Dad are doing a great job raising this eaglet!”

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Many commenters remark on what good parents F420 and Dad seem to be. F420 gained notoriety last year when she ousted the previous female of the nest, known as Mom, but now all is forgiven as F420 shows herself to be a devoted parent. The baby wasn’t the only egg in the nest; a second egg that never hatched was deemed likely unviable.

The Standley Lake Eagle Cam was installed four years ago by the city of Westminster. The Facebook group is not directly affiliated with the Standley Lake Regional Park & Wildlife Refuge, but it posts many photos and videos culled from the camera’s round-the-clock video streaming.

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