‘Thanks Biden!’ Putin mouthpiece claims US sanctions ‘paying’ for Ukraine war

Russian state TV host thanks Joe Biden for oil revenues

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Russia1’s Solovyov made a point of recognising President Biden as “our agent” as the Kremlin propagandist gloated over the extra revenue Russia has been able to cash in as a result of US sanctions on oil. The Russian state TV host boasted that Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine was a net benefit to the Kremlin’s exchequer as a result of inflated oil prices amid western energy sanctions.  

Solovyov told Russian TV: “Well, firstly we should note that Biden is of course our agent.

“Because in principle what Biden’s done didn’t occur to any American president before him.

“That’s to say, the sanctions imposed by Biden have led to our budget receiving record revenues.”

“That’s to say, on account of Putin grabbing Europe with an iron fist, our oil revenues have grown so much that now, in the grand scheme of things, each day of the special military operation is bringing us money.

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“We’re spending less than we’re receiving from oil revenues,” he added

“If Biden had a brain and the ability to count, he wouldn’t have imposed sanctions on hydrocarbons. 

“And then our revenues would be lower!”

The UK sharply reduced oil imports from Russia in the immediate aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, according to official figures.

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However, new data from the Office for National Statistics showed the UK still imported about £140 million of Russian refined oil in April, two months after the war in Ukraine began.

The ONS said this represented a slump from around £410 million of refined oil imported from Russia in February, when Russia had been the UK’s biggest supplier.

Two months later, Russia was the UK’s sixth-biggest supplier as the UK increased its supply from other countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Belgium.

Meanwhile, the Moscow-imposed military-civilian administration in Ukraine’s Kherson region said it had begun preparations for a referendum on joining Russia, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

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Refined oil includes petrol, diesel and heating oil, which have all seen prices spike following the conflict.

Kherson, a port city on the Black Sea, sits just northwest of the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula.

Russia-installed officials said their security forces had detained Kherson city mayor Ihor Kolykhayev on Tuesday after he refused to follow Moscow’s orders. 

A local official said the mayor was abducted.

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