Terror as theme park ride ‘jams’ hurting eight kids in brutal mid-air collision

This is the horrifying moment a carousel ride gets jammed in mid-air and causes a horrible crash that leaves eight children injured.

The children, aged between five and 10, reportedly suffered internal head injuries and concussion when their seats smashed into each other.

The incident took place in the City Park of Culture and Recreation in Uralsk of Kazakhstan on Sunday (May 2).

CCTV footage taken at the theme park shows the swing ride, known as the Kaleidoscope, rotating at high speed before it becomes stuck.

The metal buckets that the children are sitting on collide with each other mid-air.

Parents and other members of the public look up as soon as they realise their children screaming in terror. Some jump over the safety barrier and rush to save their child.

A total of five boys and three girls were wounded, seven of them seriously with head wounds and other injuries.

They had bruises and abrasions, as well as closed craniocerebral trauma and concussion.

They were all administered to a local hospital where they received treatment.

Sergei Chudnenko, the owner of the ride in the theme park, said there had been "an unforeseen breakdown of the transmission mechanism", which led to an emergency stop of the amusement ride.

Police are investigating the holiday weekend incident to examine if negligence was involved in the tragedy.

According to local media Lenta, a similar incident occurred in the same park two years ago which a ferris wheel suddenly stopped due to a malfunction.

Meanwhile in Australia, a six-year-old boy died after a tragic accident involving a toy he bought from theme park Sea World.

Deklan Babington-MacDonald was playing with a stuffed penguin toy at his home in Nerang when he suffered a "severe accident".

A family member told local newswire that the toy was wearing a harness attached to a lead, which was stiff with a pole.

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