Terrifying killer Asian Hornet nest found hanging directly above public urinal

An unsuspecting toilet-goer who nipped to the loo was left terrified after spotting a huge Asian Hornet nest resting above the urinals.

The volunteer hornet hunter had been on a search for the dangerous insect in Jersey when she stumbled across the horrifying find at the former Tamba Park activity centre.

Asian Hornets, which are able to kill people with an allergy in just one sting and can eat 50 bees in a day, have caused havoc throughout Europe after they arrived on a freight ship.

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The monster nest found in Jersey was on the verge of emitting Queens that would go on to form more colonies.

Fellow hornet hunter John de Carteret explained: "A super tracker was out playing in the woods, when she felt the "need" so she quietly ducked into these gents toilets… immediately she didn't want to go anymore.

"When we arrived this was a very busy nest with a constant stream of Asian Hornets arriving back with "prey parcels" to feed the larvae inside.

“It was about to emit large numbers of new season Queens, ready to mate, hibernate and emerge in spring 2023 to populate this area and beyond.”

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A record-breaking season for the volunteers has seen them find a whopping 150 nests throughout Jersey.

John added: "Unfortunately for this nest, but fortunately for us, they didn't allow for the hunter's skill and tenacity in tracking this nest down…

“In a last ditch attempt to find all their nests before the hundreds of Queens that we know they will produce disperse into our beautiful Jersey countryside."

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A so-called “people’s army” of volunteers have taken arms to ward off the impending invasion of the deadly hornets throughout mainland Britain.

One local praised the volunteers and said: "I'm actually shocked that the public toilets are not monitored or even worse "cleaned" because if they were this would have been reported ages ago.

"Well done. Imagine this was disturbed by some tourists or even worse children."

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