Terrifying Google Maps ghost kids leave users spooked – find them this Halloween

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To quote the X-Files, "The Truth is Out There".

Well, in fact, the truth just might be on Google Maps for all to see.

There has been a glut of images found on Google Maps with creepy figures found by sharp-eyed ghost hunters – but there's just something even more haunting about the spirit of a child.

Some believe that demons will often masquerade as children during hauntings to trick people into trusting their innocence- but the lovers of Street view seem to be siding with caution on these ones.

The Daily Star has dived deep into claims from Google Maps viewers who appear to have found some ghoulish kids on the app – and some of the images are enough to keep you up past witching hour this Halloween.

'Proof of the afterlife'

An image of what some believe to be the "ghost of a young boy" crouching next to a house was dubbed 'proof of the afterlife' by Google Maps fans.

The supposed apparition was captured at a house that was up for sale in the city of Asheville in North Carolina, in the US.

Some viewers have said it looks as though he is staring at the camera while playing with a small toy car.

The picture was revealed by a Twitter account with the username Anna Nicole’s Revenge to which users replies: "It gave me the chills. Makes you think there could be an afterlife."

Another added: "It seems ghosts do exist."

'Strange misshapen figure'

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Redditor Uatarreu posted the eerie street view screenshot to the online forum Google Maps Shenanigans, showing a Sao Paulo building etched with a ghostly shape staring at passersby.

The short, shadowy figure with scary ghostlike arms and holes in its eyes brings to mind famous ghost sightings of the past.

The photo was taken eleven years ago in beach suburb Mongaguá, to the south of Brazil's largest city.

Poster Uatarreu wrote: "Guys, I think I've found an actual ghost."

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'Victim of a murder?'

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In a video made from a clip of Google Maps Street View of the leafy Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas, "two ghostly figures" appear.

What looks like a creepy little girl can be seen peering from behind a tree and a mysterious cloaked person can be seen in lurking in the distance amid gravestones.

Uploaded by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 the post reads: "The first spirit is of a child peeking out from a tree and this is a clear image so we can see that this entity is greyish in appearance".

Users are encouraged to decide what they think for themselves using the coordinates provided.

One person commented: "The first one looks like a definitive proof of something."

Another wrote: "Perhaps a victim of a murder or simply could have died in an accident… Either way, its poor soul is out roaming this Earth."

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