Teacher shares ‘insane’ texts sent by abusive parent in bust-up over whiteboard

A beleaguered school teacher in the United States has shared her despair after being rounded on by an unreasonable parent who sent abusive text messages in response to a teaching-from-home request.

Teachers across the world have been forced to adapt to the way they present classes amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as schools and universities have shut their doors due to local and national lockdowns.

However, one teacher’s attempt to make online classes more productive for students in her French class was not expecting the vicious backlash she received while relaying a note to parents.

Taking to Reddit to air her grievance, the teacher shared screengrabs of her text exchanged from an aggrieved mother who took offence to being asked to create a make-shift whiteboard for a class.

The teacher shared the exchange with the sarcastic headline: "I am an elementary teacher navigating this bonkers online format. Luckily parents are super rational."

The messages shared showed the teacher asking parents to make whiteboards for children using plastic covers and pieces of white paper.

She wrote: "Hiya everyone! I hope your weekend is relaxing. It would be lovely to work with whiteboards this week."

The teacher innocently suggested: "Binder covers or plastic sheet inserts work very well in lieu of an actual whiteboard. Excited to see everyone tomorrow!"

A parent responded: "On Sunday afternoon you would like us to have whiteboards available by tomorrow?"

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The teacher then responded stating she knew the child already used a whiteboard – prompting an unexpectedly angry response from the mother.

The outraged parent wrote: "And clearly none of your business as she is not supposed to use it for school. How dare you peer into my personal space and say that!" bizarrely accompanied by a winking emoji.

They continued: "Whether it is on zoom or not, you do not have the right AS HER TEACHER, to peer into my personal space and saw what is or not is on my walls."

The teacher promptly clarified what they meant, writing: "She has used it in class. I apologise that that was not made clear. But she has used it on several occasions."

This only appeared to anger the parent further, who then fired back: "I know that…..thanks for the heads up!! EITHER WAY, it is not YOUR PLACE to comment on my home! And what I have in it! That WAS MADE CLEAR!!"

Reddit users sided with the teacher with one replying in the comments: "People can be so unreasonable," and another typing: “Teachers seriously do not get paid enough to deal with all the s*** they do."

Five followers voted the parent comments as "insane" – while the teacher later revealed the mother worked at the school and had gone on to make other bizarre requests.

The despairing teacher revealed: "She messaged me that she couldn’t get into Spanish, a class I have absolutely nothing to do with. She is a true goblin."

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