Taliban behead female mannequins as they ‘offend Islam’ in bizarre new tirade

Several female mannequins in Afghanistan have been beheaded on the orders of the Taliban, as they are deemed to be offending Islam.

A video shared on Twitter shows an unidentified man using a hack saw to remove the head of a mannequin as someone shouts “Allah Akbar”.

More than 10 heads that have already been severed can be seen lying at his feet.

Last week, shopkeepers in the western province of Herat were told to hack the heads off their mannequins after Taliban officials ruled the statues were “idols”, the Daily Mail reports.

Idolatry is considered to be a grave sin in Islam which bans the worship of anyone or anything other than Allah.

The ruling was issued by the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Herat, which is responsible for administering the Taliban's strict interpretation of Islam.

Initially, the ministry had ordered shops to remove the mannequins completely, but shopkeepers complained, saying it would destroy what little business they had left.

After listening to the complaints, the head of the ministry, Sheikh Aziz-u-Rahman, ruled the mannequins' heads should be cut off instead.

But business owners say hacking their mannequins apart still represents a significant financial loss at a difficult time for Afghanistan's economy, which has seen it more or less collapse.

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Abdul Wadood Faiz Zada told Italian newspaper Repubblica: “The heads of the mannequins should be covered, not removed.

“Each mannequin costs $100 (£74), or $80 (£59) or $70 (£52) and beheading them will be a huge financial loss.”

Mohammad Yusuf added: “The Taliban have not changed, there will be restrictions once again.

“They have not gained international recognition, but should they obtain it, they would bring back even stricter limitations.”

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