Swimmer savaged by shark at spot where drunk man was killed while peeing in sea

A swimmer was savaged by a shark having been warned not to go in the sea at the same spot where a drunk man was killed after going for a pee in the sea.

Everton dos Reis Guimaraes, 32, suffered wounds to his left thigh and buttock after being attacked by the predator on Piedade Beach in Brazil.

The victim was crouching down in shallow water when the shark ripped into him, the Jaboatao dos Guararapes fire brigade reportedly said.

Local news outlet Jacobina Noticias said he was taken to hospital and was lucky his whole leg was not “torn off” in the attack.

Everton was later transferred to another hospital in the city of Recife for extensive surgery.

A local street vendor said that the man had been told about the threat of sharks.

He told TV Globo: “The lifeguard signalled three times and waiters here at the bar also warned him not to go but he did.

“I was there at the front tending (to his work) and then I looked and he was already fighting with the shark.”

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This latest attack took place 15 days after a man, aged 51, died after having his hand ripped off and suffered a deep wound to his thigh. He reportedly had been drinking and went to the water to relieve himself.

The area has a reputation for shark attacks with 13 others registered in the area with seven of those fatal.

Since 1992, when the register of attacks started in the region of Pernambuco, there have been 66 incidents involving sharks with 26 deaths.

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