Student terrorised by rogue monkeys who break into dorm and steal her food

A gang of monkeys have terrorised a student at university, breaking into her dorm as she slept and stealing her food and parcels.

The student, from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, documented her encounters with the pesky primates in a series of TikTok videos posted to the account @notdazedd.

The first, shared on August 15, begins with a screenshot of the woman asking the halls’ lost and found department where to find her package containing a new vacuum.

But when she goes to look at the table where they say it is, it is nowhere to be found.

She then discovers the macaques have nabbed it and shows a pair of them playing with a part from her new vacuum outside.

It wasn’t the end of the monkey invasion, though.

Another clip posted on August 22 shows one of the monkeys breaking into her bedroom and charging at her.

She flees out of the room and explained in the caption that she woke to the two creatures “sitting on my table and staring at me”.

The aftermath of the incident was captured in a third video from the same day.

It shows the primates casually perching on her balcony enjoying her food after stealing it from the kitchen.

“He took my eggs and he took my bread, okay,” she said.

The student went on to explain how the encounters left her feeling in a follow-up video.

“On Sunday I was completely traumatised and actually came down with a fever because I was so shocked but all is good now,” she said.

She also hit out at cruel viewers who criticised for leaving her windows open, by saying they were open while she was studying and she fell asleep – which is when the primates broke in.

The videos have garnered more than 600,000 views between them as well as thousands of comments.

One, referencing the iconic phone game, joked: “Temple Run human edition.”

“I would have died on the spot,” another said.

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