Student block “disaster waiting to happen” with no hot water and daily break-ins

An apartment block filled with students has been branded a “disaster waiting to happen” after it emerged that it has no hot water, daily break-ins and broken walls.

Bracken House on Charles Street in Manchester's city centre has also not had a working lift for four years.

And it is also covered internally with graffiti, the Manchester Evening News reports.

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Although not officially a student property, the building is popular with students because of its proximity near Manchester University's North Campus, and is run by Inspired Property Management.

According to an insider: “People are saying they will not live there and it’s having an effect on the landlords.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen and it is getting closer and closer.”

And a former tenant, called Dan, told the MEN: “Five years ago the lift was working and we had fire marshals that patrolled the building.

“There was a staff of four people on patrol.

“In 2018 or 2019 the lift (broke) and has not (worked) since.

“I was on the sixth floor — it does not have a fourth floor — so I had to walk.

“It got harder and harder to live in the building – the hot water does not always work because there are only two boilers.

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“The major issue was at the end of last year when they replaced the fire marshals with heat alarms so there was no one managing security and things were stolen and trash was being left downstairs.”

The man also claims that the building is full of “homeless people” sleeping in corridors and in the boiler room.

Currently, there is an apartment in the block for sale online, and it shows how the outside of the property is a huge building site and that the apartment itself is just one room with an en-suite.

The bedroom, living and kitchen – which has just one tiny space to cook – is all in the same room.

It is going on the market from August, 2022, for just £650pm.

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Management company IPM and freeholder Grey GR Limited Partnership said in a joint statement: “When wider industry and regulatory failings around building construction and standards became apparent, Grey took proactive steps to appoint independent surveyors and fire safety experts to assess building safety measures across its portfolio including Bracken House.

“Following those surveys and in consultation with Greater Manchester Fire Service it was determined that a waking watch service was required at Bracken House, as a mitigation measure for the fire risks present – Grey immediately took action to meet the request.

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“We are working closely with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council regarding the issue of homeless people trying to gain access to the basement area, and I am happy to report that the issue has somewhat eased over the last fortnight after a short period of trouble.”

They also added that an Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team from Manchester City Council is helping to “resolve the issue”, and that the vandalised areas of the building are being dealt with.

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