Stabbings and stun guns – violent ring tales of wrestling’s wildest man New Jack

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He's the world's most "dangerous, sadistic and violent" wrestling star who lost his final fight.

And anyone who thinks wrestling violence is all show has never heard of feared wrestler New Jack, the larger-than-life persona of Jerome Young who died following a heart attack aged 58 earlier this month.

Shockingly he stabbed two opponents in the ring and freely admitted trying to kill others during bouts.

He was also one of the most recognisable wrestlers around, baring deep scars on his forehead through bloody hardcore matches.

But as the wrestling world comes to terms with his death, Daily Star takes a look into the chaotic past of the ECW icon.

Born on January 3, 1963, the North Carolinian had a tough childhood and once watched his father stab his mother countless times with a knife.

He later said: "We all just sat there and watched, shaking our heads like it was no big deal."

Having decided to become a wrestler, he joined The Gangstas tag team, who promoters used to stir up racial hatred – and ticket sales – by booking them to fight white wrestlers in America's Deep South.

Wrestling promoter Jim Cornette, who later rose to fame in the WWE, admitted: "I just told him to go out there and p*** white people off."

The plot worked so well the KKK picketed venues they were performing at, and they had to be smuggled in via the boots of police cars.

But it's when New Jack later went solo, complete with a cocaine habit, that things got even worse.

In 1996, in an infamous event known as the Mass Transit incident, he was faced teenager Erich Kulas who, Jack claimed, asked to be cut in the ring to get some notoriety.

Jack did just that, slicing opening his forehead with a surgical knife, severing an artery in the process.

Kulas was just 17 at the time of the incident after duping bosses into thinking he was 23.

Onlookers said it looked like a murder scene as Jack roared into the microphone, "I hope this fat piece of s*** bleeds to f***ing death because I don’t give a f***."

He was later tried on two charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon but was acquitted.

Not long after he was in the ring against Gypsy Joe Gene Madrid, 69, one of the pioneers of hardcore wrestling.

After Gypsy headbutted him, Jack "snapped" and attacked him with a chair and an aluminium baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire.

The crowd were so incensed some ran into the car park to get their guns while Jack was smuggled out of the venue.

In 2004, a knife was involved again. Jack was fighting a young new wrestler called William "Hunter" Lane.

Jack said: "He backs me up and punches me in the eye and nose. I went in my pocket, took out my knife, and started stabbing. I'm stabbing this motherf*****, nearly lost my godd*** mind."

He later spoke out against reports he stabbed Lane 16 times proudly saying, "It was 9, I counted… alright?"

Jack spent three weeks in jail and appeared in court, but the charges were again dropped.

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As well as outright violence, the wrestler's other claim to fame was suicidally throwing himself off 20 – 30ft high balconies and scaffolding onto his opponents, which he admitted he would only do when high on cocaine.

However, in 2000 on live TV, he and opponent Vic Grimes were meant to throw themselves off a scaffold and land on two tables. They missed. Grimes landed on Jack's head. He said: "I slammed my head on the floor and cracked my skull. I had brain fluid coming out of my nose and ears, and I had nerve damage in my right eye."

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Grimes never apologised for the incident which Jack blamed him for, and he vowed revenge.

In 2002 in another bout, Jack began hitting Grimes with a whip made of real barbed wire, and then when they climbed the scaffold again, Jack produced a 50,000-volt stun gun and zapped Grimes with it.

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Jack said: "I then picked him up, and Vic told me, ‘I ain’t ready, I can’t feel my legs.' I said "Don’t worry; you won’t need ‘em."

Jack then threw him off the the 40ft-high scaffold. Grimes hit the top rope and bounced into the ring. Amazingly, he suffered only minor injuries.

Jack later said he had wanted him to land on one of the ring posts: "I wanted him to die. I have no love for Vic, none. Because he’s a f****** idiot."

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