Space war ‘inevitable’ as China races to develop galactic weapons, says expert

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A war in space between the US and China has been described as "inevitable" by one expert who reckons that a galactic "arms race" is already underway.

China has already been showing off its space technology this year and launched the first part of its new space station in April. They have also announced astonishing plans to set foot on Mars by 2033.

Chinese galactic ambitions are nothing new and date back to Chairman Mao, who famously declared that China didn't "deserve" to be a superpower if it couldn't launch a potato into space.

Defence analyst Eugene Gholz now fears the political ramifications of this, describing how progress in space is an "acceptable form of public chest-thumping" in China, writes The Sun.

He thinks a space "Cold War" is "inevitable", and added: "Some people fear that efforts in space will overlap with military or strategic efforts.

"China’s more militarised approach to technology might have an implication for an arms race.

"There’s a reasonable chance that techno-nationalism could spill over into developing space weapons."

The expert explained that US military officials see defence and space technology as two separate fields, but as China don't the US may be drawn into the race to get galactic weaponry.

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He continued: "If a hot war comes, it’s going to be tremendously destructive – there’s a risk of really large-scale destruction.

"Right now, the US has the perfect situation from our perspective where we use space military and in warfighting very effectively for communication and navigation.

"But, that makes other countries interested in undermining the US' vantage point."

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Sadly for Star Wars fans, other experts say that war in space won't be action-packed, with nations expected to work hard to disrupt rivals' capabilities.

There will not be Chinese and American Death Stars floating ominously in the sky any time soon.

Expert Rebecca Reesman said: "Any conflict in space will be much slower and much more deliberate than a Star Wars scene.

"It requires a lot more long-term thinking and a strategic placement of assets."

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