Some Minnesota Republicans undergo coronavirus tests after a Trump rally.

On Wednesday night, President Trump spoke for 45 minutes to a jubilant and carefree crowd of 3,000 at the airport in Duluth, Minn.

But now, attendees are replaying the event in their heads with one new and gut-wrenching piece of information: Mr. Trump is infected with the coronavirus.

Big rallies are a signature of Mr. Trump’s campaigning, and he had for months been pushing to bring them back, even as coronavirus case numbers remained high across the United States and as experts warned of the risks of bringing together large groups of people. In recent weeks, he staged rallies in outdoor airport hangars in battleground states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Hampshire and — on Wednesday night — Minnesota.

The Duluth crowd was the last of such a scale to see Mr. Trump before the announcement of his coronavirus diagnosis early Friday, although he also attended a private fund-raiser near the Twin Cities.

Elected officials who recently met with Mr. Trump are now taking precautions. Some said on Friday that they were being tested for the coronavirus, and a few Republican leaders from Minnesota have put themselves into quarantine in case they were exposed.

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