‘Solution for those who love Russia’ Plastic surgeon offering ‘patriotic’ breast implants

Russian plastic surgeon offers patriotic breast implants

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The Russian surgeon has been promoting his latest invention on social media and gaining much attention from Western audiences. Mr Dobreykin has designed two painted breast implants that patients can choose from before surgery. One breast implant has the Russian flag printed on it, and the other has an army print. In Mr Dobreykin’s promotional video, he explains why Russian women would buy them and brings a recent patient on to explain why she decided to get patriotic breast implants, which no one, not even her can see.

Mr Dobreykin claimed patriots want to keep Russia close to their chests.

The surgeon said: “I present to you a new generation of breast implants ‘Rosgrud.’

“Of course, this is still the same implant filled with silicone, but just look at the coating of these exclusive models.

“This line includes two styling options – Russian tricolour and the classic army camouflage.

“Real patriots will be able to choose the model that will be closer to their hearts, literally and figuratively.

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Mr Dobreykin added: “A stylish solution for those who love their Motherland and want to have something more than just a sticker on a car, or tattoo on their shoulder.

“In addition, these are experimental models of implants, whose unique coating absolutely safe and has successfully passed all the necessary tests.”

Mr Dobreykin’s patient added: “I want to be the most beautiful and most fashionable to have something truly exclusive and ‘Rosgrud’ implants are what I need.

“I can’t always carry a flag with me, sometimes there’s even nowhere to put my passport, ‘Rosgrud’ will make me feel like a patriot even if I don’t have clothes on.

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“It’s a fantastic feeling when the flag of your country is literally under your heart, I have implants with a tricolour and my friend is now preparing to put herself in camouflage.

“Strength is not only in truth but also in beauty.”

Users on social media took to Twitter to react to the new patriotic breast implants.

One user @Jeanie_Kat said: “That caption is a bit contradictory Experimental models, the unique coating is safe & has passed all the necessary tests. If it passed all the tests then why call it experimental? And who decides what safety tests they take in Russia? Is it just Putin’s “Grab-N-Squeeze” test?”

@Jon2Allen said: “So when we have a Trump implant?”

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@Njetula said: “It is 100% trolling, if this was legit why would they subtitle it in English?”

@Yoffine said: “Just when you think you have seen it all…”

@QQX said: “Coming soon: ones that light up for Christmas.”

@MichaelLWilde1 said: “For real? Maybe I don’t understand, but you can’t actually see the surface of the implant once it’s implanted, right? It’s inside your body. Does it show through the skin or something?”

Russians have been making headlines over their patriotism for their ‘Motherland’ since the beginning of the war.

Western countries have been imposing strict financial sanctions on Russia and pulling out of selling Western goods to Russians until Putin pulls out of neighbouring Ukraine.

At the beginning of the war, high-end designer Chanel refused to sell their products in Russia, which caused a significant patriotic backlash from Russian women.

The women posted videos of themselves cutting up their Chanel handbags and vowing to continually support their ‘Motherland’ Russia, despite the global condemnation of their military barbaric actions on Ukraine.

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