Ski resort gunman who killed 5 sentenced to life behind bars over horror murders

A resentful dumped boyfriend is facing life in jail after he shot dead his teenage ex-girlfriend while she slept while also slaughtering her new boyfriend, her parents, and her brother.

The killer, known only as 26-year-old Andreas E, carried out the horrifying acts in October last year in a VIP ski resort in Kitzbuehel, a small Alpine town east of Innsbruck, Austria.

Austrian courts this week ruled Andreas should serve life behind bars for the murders of 19-year-old Nadine Hinterholzer, her 24-year-old professional ice hockey player boyfriend Florian Janny, 51-year-old mother Andrea, 59-year-old father Rupert, and her 25-year-old brother, Kevin.

Local news reports state that the judge justified the life sentence verdict due to the "particularly cold-blooded and insidious" nature of the murders – highlighting that Nadine and Florian had been sleeping in bed when they were gunned to death.

Andreas himself had pleaded guilty at the start of his trial – and is said to be remorseful and finding it difficult to sleep in the light of the violent crimes.

But the sentence is not yet legally binding as Austrian law rules it can be appealed – despite a jury giving a unanimous guilty verdict.

Media outlets in Austria reported that Andreas had spotted his ex-girlfriend and her new lover at a nightclub before following them home.

The reports state he attended her family home in Kitzbuehel twice where he allegedly interacted with both Nadine and her father, before he allegedly drove to his own home, retrieved his brother’s handgun, and returned to Nadine’s family home before 6am on 6 October.

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News reports from last October, when the murders shocked Europe, alleged Nadine’s father Rupert was shot dead as he opened the door, before Andreas allegedly turned the weapon on Nadines’ mother, Andrea, and her bother, Kevin.

He is then alleged to have claimed a balcony to the room where Nadine and Florian were sleeping and shot them both dead.

He is then said to have driven to a local police station and declared to officers: “I have killed five people”.

Kronen Zeitung News claims Andreas told the court this week of his crimes: "Everything just came together during the night. Nobody could help it. I had tunnel vision. Nobody deserves to be killed."

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The news outlet also claims he is experiencing a degree of torture over his crimes, saying: "I experience that every night while I sleep, that's bad enough."

Andreas is said to take up to four hours per night to fall asleep as he is haunted by "the images of the deed in his mind's eye".

A psychiatrist named Adelheid Kastner declared Andreas to have been sane at the time of the crime.

The mental health expert is quoted in local reports stating: "He's completely normal. There is no psychiatric diagnosis and that may be the scariest thing for many."

Tributes were paid to sports star Florian when news of the murders broke last year.

He was a goalkeeper for the EHC Black Wings team in Linz, Austria, when his life was cut short.

Sports fans took to social media at the time to mourn his death, with one commentator stating on Twitter the ice hockey star had been "torn from life".

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