Single mum ‘speechless’ after food parcel left on doorstep week before payday

A hard-up single mum has expressed her gratitude after kindly strangers left a food parcel on her doorstep.

Single mum Sarah-Louise Russell said the unexpected gift could not have been better timed as she had almost run out of cash before her next Universal Credit payment was due.

The 24-year-old said: "Oakdale Children's Nursery normally organise food donations and packages this time it was Seacombe Children's Centre through a private donation, I think.

"I get Universal Credit so monthly payments and I'm only able to do one food shop a month, so when I got the food donation this time it was a week before I got paid so I didn't have much in and it was such a relief I was so grateful.

"I think it's amazing the centre has done it off their own back," she added. "Not even my kids' nursery knew about this, it's beyond amazing.”

Sarah-Louise, mum to Leighton, four, and Lilly, two, told the Liverpool Echo that she has been thankful for the extra support after moving to Wallasey to her new home just before the first lockdown restrictions were announced last March.

She said: "The pandemic, like for everyone, has been the worst year I've had. It has affected my mental health so much and the kids have lacked social skills too."

Sarah-Louise continued: "The children are still young so being stuck in a new small house is difficult as we moved here a week before the first lockdown."

After she posted a picture of her food parcel in a local Facebook group, many commended the children's centre, one said: "Glad [they’re] helping people out."

Another said: "Well done to the centre."

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